Snaps or Tie Direct

Curious, I’m going to try some small snaps to make changing lures easier. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience good bad or other? I feel like if the hooks hanging off are not spooking them than the small snap won’t and the action should be same as loop knot?

I always tied directly.
I know a lot of folks that fish offshore use snap swivels to attach their leaders. I don’t do that either because that will produce a bubble trail.

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I’ve tried all sorts of different snaps and the like trying to make it easier on me to swap out. Everytime I’ve tried it, I question myself if the fish can tell that the lure is swimming in a different manner or not. In my brain, I’m confident that fish are stupid and it doesn’t matter if you alter that lure’s pattern by 0.2%. In my heart, the fish see’s it and belly laughs.

Today, I tie directly.

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Tie direct. I like the idea of a quick change out but I’ve never really needed to do it, I guess. Most of the time I’m popped off when I need to tie on another jig/lure/hook anyway so not worth the effort for me.

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When first started fishing here bought a premade carolina rig that had a snap at the end to attach hook. Was using a 3500 series reel with 20lb braid, MH rod, 1 oz egg sinker with live finger mullet. Cast right near a big surface blow up and was hooked up almost instantly. In hindsight would bet redfish in the 25-29" range, probably local pb at the time. After about 5 cranks of the reel, line goes slack and fish is gone. Reel in to find the snap swivel open, hook gone…lesson learned. Power of redfish to be respected when it comes to terminal tackle. Been tying direct ever since.

Am sure no one likes losing fish but when it happens over something you can easily control (sloppy knot, dull or weak hook that gets straightened), nothing worse imo.

If you want to talk fishin Well I guess that'll be okay
If you want to talk fishin Well I guess that'll be okay

I tried some quick clips I saw on Addictive Fishing but it took me longer to get the lure on them then to tie a new knot.
I’ve gotten pretty fast since I have to tie my wife, 2 kids, & mine. They can bait & take off fish but none of them like to tie knots.

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Snaps sound like they would be real convenient and fast but somehow I always manage to drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and tie direct all at the same time.

I used to be a big fan of snap swivels until like awendaw angler had one open up on me. Tie direct on everything but freshwater pond fishing trying to figure what color beetle spin to use.

If you do decide to go with snaps pick a good quality ball bearing swivel over rated for the line test you are using.

Lol. Thanks for the laugh. I get a mental picture and still chuckling. Wonder how many beers have been spilled or knocked over on boats through the years? Me and my sons tradition is to not open one until a fish is caught and the first swallow gets poured on boat.