@Snickers, Trapping Rabbits Thread

For some reason, the REPLY feature isn’t on this thread. Is this by design or a hiccup?

Anyways, I wanted to tell you to try these. You likely need the smallest one. Sometimes Tractor Supply will carry them, but not all of the sizes.

Duke makes good traps. Those live animal traps won’t work nearly as well on rabbits.

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“NATURAL” rabbit traps are easy to make, probably find online instructions for rabbit boxes.

Basically like a mailbox out of lumber, with a trap door, and apple for bait.

If you need exact details, just ask, or send PM snickers, by the way, THANK YOU for correcting CF.com.

You’re doing a good job so far, IMO.

Garage cat, 22lr marlin, and a yard dog have pretty much solved my rabbit problems.

Does that ferocious dog of yours actually chase rabbits off?

I’m gonna make you a video tomorrow of him treeing squirrels and pushing rabbits.

no wait, I gotta go to gods country tomorrow for a few days, but when I get back I’ll show you what me and this mixed breed common yard dog have been up to.

My dad & I always set out rabbit boxes & had really good luck with them.

The core of a cabbage head is good bait in a rabbit box also.Gotta go bush hog while it’s cool,be back after dark to tell you some more tips.

I love me some hasenpfeffer .All the solutions mentioned so far will work depending on your situation.Another thing to try is boiling some hot peppers and spraying the water on your plants.Mixing some ag surfactant with it will help.Rabbits only cause problems for me when the plants are young.Good luck. I had to put up a fence for the deer,them wood goats can do some real damage.

At my high water mark I had close to fifty ribbit boxes when I was a kid. I got 25 cents for each ribbit. It helped that my Granddad/Dad/Uncles had close to 2500 acres for me to ravage. I had them set so I and only I could check them from the road on the way home from school and some I had to check on foot or horse back. I would average about five a day during the winter. That $1.25 (30 to 40 dollars each month) was in what I call “pre-Jimmy Carter” dollars. It went a long way in those days.

That’s some serious rabbit trappin there Tank.Them boxes do seem to work better in winter.

I would be going for the entertainment Factor. If are where you can’t use a 22 they make some pretty badass air rifles that’ll take a rabbit out.
Set up my chair with a cooler and kick back.

I have one of those air rifles the ones that use CO2 are pretty weak. But the one I have when I give it 10 pumps the rabbit is DRT. No blood trail

i think around 1,000 ft lbs should do it…

i have an earlier model of this nitro piston .22, bought it from a nice guy in mt p off the swap shop here. i’d love to put some rabbits on the ground with it, but coastal SC seems to be very rabbit po’

its really quiet, even compared to my nice .177 spring piston

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Oh I have some rabbits wondering around my place lately…

release the hounds!

this has always been a fantasy of mine. one of these days i need to get a trust in place and apply for a tax stamp.


I haven’t seen those. So the suppression happens internally without adding anything to the outside?

I know several people with stamps and screw on style silencers for their 22s and they are fun to shoot/watch. Its amazing how quiet they are.

You can also see in that picture how the deer ate the cow peas down to a nub. They hungry.