So far it's a day later and no approval for an off topic thread?

Is it now CFC’s policy to shut down Off topic as well?

Can’t move stuff there like Politics as well. Get the same error message. @snickers I can understand moderation, but you have members that have T3 status and been here over a decade and now we can not even post in Off topic? I understand many Hate Politics and just can not turn the channel and look away so you pandered to them and hid Politics. But now hiding Off Topic? Come on man. I’ve been here 15 years and gotten accustomed to bantering with others about fishing and Life in General. That’s what has always been my “lure” to this place. It was always so much more than Just Fishing. We could share family stories, life lessons, and humor. You have taken that away it seems. Guess Old EF, 23sails, and so many more did the right thing early on.

Biggest issue was letting the Trolls ruin CFC. Still just don’t understand how you allowed them to have T3 status with all the hate they have stirred. If you want it I’ll provide it, RBF flat out stated his purpose was to “kick the ant nest” on this habitat on several occasions.

I’ve said it before. It seems like the site owners are bent on destroying their own site. Doesn’t make any sense.

I disabled all people other than moderators moving posts - it’s what you wanted.