So I checked 4 out of 5

Wood Duck boxes I had put out. Two of them have something going on as some leaves have been brought into box. Not many, but appears someone is prepping a nest.

My understanding is Wood Ducks don’t add anything other than the female plucking her down to add to the nesting material I already have in there.

Any guesses, as I will put a camera on one??? Sure hope it’s Woody!

In closing, got another Yote today. On a drag set which was cool as it didn’t mess up set. Female as well.


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No litter from her this year!


Will see, they are all out in the water…


A bird cam would be cool.

We had a flying squirrel living in our Blue bird box last year.

If you know anyone with a pecan orchard, or just a few trees, I’ll bet a shiny Nickel if you go out on a dark night with a strong flashlight you’ll see a few. Dad gave mom three babies from a tree he cut down. She had em for a few years, those big eyed things are cool as heck.