so no reports of swords caught?

from what I hear, some nice swords getting caught. :smiley: numbers and size… ?

dammm I miss this sight. rolling down hill on a suicide mission. so many lost to a f’d up new tiresome format. Good Night All! Belly full of some Tuna, filleted fried red breast, Crown, and fantastic company.

Yes, Fred.
Wondering how long it will be before CF finally collapses.
I’ve been having a great October Redfish season but don’t bother to
post results here anymore.
Politics is reduced to a few posters replying to posts that are years old-pretty sad.

Stern, I’d say Politics and off topic is the only forums still mostly active. I like that area just because, but I’ve always enjoyed reading fishing discussions and reports much more. ONE whole month and NOTHING in offshore reports? Yep as a fishing sight this place is dead. Some of our best inshore times going on right now and it’s just too much labor to post a pic of a catch or two. In today’s society there are few that will take the necessary time to transfer from a phone to a PC just to post a pic or story. I’ll see this place to it’s grave.

You hit it right on the head.
You would think the owner would try to do something to drum up business. Go around is a boat landings and post some signs. Go to the bait and tackle shops boat dealers put out flyers.
Try to make the site a little user-friendly.

She’s on life support now just waiting for somebody to pull the plug.

There’s been a great king bite nearshore this year haven’t heard the first thing about it on here. There’s been a couple kings 50+ lb caught just a couple hundred yards off the beach here on the North end crickets…

I guess everybody watching cat videos

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

Non-ethanol gas at $4+ a gallon at the gas station…no telling at the fuel dock…limits my offshore trips.

Bitching about the Politics/ Off Topic sections is wasted energy. Your choice to read it …or not.

Fact is “POLITICS” has affected my fushing…from the endless restrictions to the cost of fuel…politics matters.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman