So The Lake Turned Over( Now What)

With only a few years of really chasing stripers hard what does the turnover really mean for fishing over the next couple weeks? If some of you more experienced guys could help some of us less experienced with this topic it would be great. Thanks, Lee

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They’ll eat…turnover is mostly b/w the ears. Besides…it doesn’t turnover everywhere.

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Usually when the turnover happens, the fish are confused for the next week. They don’t know whether to be shallow or deep. Plus, the water clarity gets a lot less clear for a couple of weeks.

To me, that is the trigger to switch from down rods to free lines and planer boards. It also means the fish will be moving up the creeks and rivers.

Just my opinion,

Rick K

By next weekend, the shallows aught to be prime for planers, freelines, corks, and casting… I actually tried to get out there today to see what’s happening, but my tilt/trim had other ideas. It’s stuck in the up position; so I can tow the rig. However, it’s off to the shop on Tuesday before I go to vote. Hopefully, it’s nothing major. I’ve looked at several videos on Youtube, but will entrust the fix to my mechanic. Though my boat is less than 3 years old, the motor is 28.

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James, sounds like you may just have a bad relay (assuming up works and your switch is good). Here’s a good article if you want to give it a shot before hauling it into the shop.

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Thanks Tim! But I’m going to take it in. The rods aren’t moving up or down.

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Mine did the same thing and I just switched out the relay and it worked fine after that. The part cost me $17 online

Fog, try switching the blue and green wires on the switch, and if the down works then you know it is the switch!

Thanks guys! I’ll let yall know how it all works out.

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I’d go elbow and maybe further and jerk a spoon…mercy they will bite.

“I may be going to hell in a bucket. But at least I’m enjoying the ride”