Soaking bait

Is almost all we did.
caught a few dozen finger mullet but only a few shrimp in the ashley. Yea we caught a bunch of undersized stuff but nothing to bring home. A lot of boats out there today. hopefully they did better. Owell, beats sitting home. was a HOT, but beautiful day.

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Do you remember the water temp?

Man, it was a hot one to be outside.

i didn’t even look EF.

Tough fishing in that hot water, I am usually more interested in how Cold the water got in winter lol

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Not sure about the Ashley, but water temp has been 89 my last few outings off the Wando

Fished the first hour and a half of incoming tide Sunday (1-230pm) halfway between Cosgrove bridge and downtown on main river. Tons of shrimp and fm for bait…Noticed a spot while looking for a spot for the wife to swim that looked good (oysters/drop off/rip). After swimming, anchored up and we went through the 4-5 dozen baits I had. Non stop action, some must have seen the shrimp coming out of the air as we caught a few reds with the line being in the water less than 2 seconds. Final tally: Handful of small but keeper trout, 15-20 healthy 16" reds, a few upper slot as well, and a barely undersized flounder…all released. 1/4oz egg sinker, 16" leader, small circle hook in 3ft of water, depth finder showed 88-89degrees.



Now thats a report. Wow, the water is getting pretty warm going into August.

Thanks for that sir, its exactly that kind of input that keeps the lights on around here.

thanks for the report. that’s awesome!!!

Great report from hammurred and PondsFisherman. I fish the Ashley sometimes when I can’t catch the tide right at Bushy Park. I just never know if I’ll be fishing in water or mud in the Ashley and some of the bigger boats sure get me rockin’. My age and health doesn’t tolerate the heat like I used to. THANKS for sharing!

Thanks, Pond fisherman, my son fishes the Ashley some, he will appreciate the preciseness of your report, as do I too.

Keep 'em coming.

MDL5155- Is that you Mr Michael? I believe I bought your 30-30 last year? If not…disregard, if so- I’d love to take you out fishing sometime.

Thanks guys, I’m very new to the Ashley (fished the wando/cooper/icw for the last 25 years), typically tactics seem to be working…it’s been fun finding fish in new areas. I’ve been exploring from downtown to past the railroad tracks past Duncans.

Yep, it’s me. I would very much appreciate a trip fishing with you. I almost always fish alone and I’m sure it slows my learning curve. At my age I can use all the help I can get because I’m running out of time. Seriously, I would love to. I have knee replacement surgery coming up on Sept. 5th but no appointments until then .

It would be a privilege to get you out on the water before surgery, can you please PM your number? Weekends are tricky for me between now and Sept 5th but I’m sure I can make an afternoon/evening work.