Social Security pay cut!

Well I just got a statement for next year’s social security checks. True to Uncle Joe’s word we will be getting an8.6% pay increase. HOWEVER, the Medicare premium went UP by a blistering 59%. So the bottom lines is we will be seeing a 2.3% decrease in us old geeaser’s checks next year.
FJB, KMA, and any other words you can think of.

Bringing their ■■■■ out of the basement again.



See the source image

I will when you do.

Uncle Sam giveth and Uncle Sam taketh away.

There is no Uncle Sam without your funding

that’s why they’re arming the IRS

Yeah Uncle Sam giveth to the nerdy Wells that don’t work or pay taxes. Free phones free internet free housing free food free medical.
I have always had a job since I was 14 years old. Weekends, before and after school. Marine corps at 17 and always had a full-time job from then on. Not once unemployment food stamps or any crap like that.
The only thing I’ve ever had given is the VA hospital. But I paid for that with over 27 broken bones. And a number of traumatic head injuries. I do have Blue Cross and Blue shield that they use. And it goes towards our deductible and copay. And all my medicine comes to my house for free.

Oh, make no mistake, what they giveth is what they took from us to begin with. I love these “rebates” the government gives us. The one we just got from SC is only because they took more from us than they needed start with.

As for the 87,000 the IRS is supposed to hire, I have huge doubts they can even find 87,000 people that are willing to work. Hopefully we get a new (conservative) president in 2024 and he/she kills everything the current moron has done.

Is this thread political or not? Interested parties want to know. I sure hate the censorship of our most awesome Political forum. edit… for the most prolific forum on this site and most likely the death of it. Like it or not Politics over the last few years have been carrying this place. I’ll give it a bit more, but I believe this to be the facts… Some on here recently posted a couple of things that a bitter old gentleman said was too bad for youngsters to see and running people off and then censored Politics? You just can’t do that!! Sorry if the truth hurts. Put that energy to what’s actually being taught to our youngsters rather than your thoughts they are studying CFC.

All admin had to do was delete two POS trolls and save the sight, but instead let them drag it to their level of trash still keeping them, but removing the political section to obscurity.

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At least we are FREE of the TWO harassers on politics. What a blessing for sure, and controversy with hopeless debaters helps noone.

Au contraire, those two are master-debaiters… doggone spell check. On a fishin’ forum too!

When the worst of the 2 told admin that he wanted to play “devils advocate” and become a pain of a heckler that should have been the end for him. And as for the other, he claimed that I was following him around. True but only to make he got enough flags to get the axe

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AGREED 100%, just admitting to being a distupter would cause a disciplinary action on most sites.

Master debaters will at least recognize the other side, those two won’t even acknowledge any other opinion except in TOTAL degradation, which is the epitome of sorry debating

Never made it a secret his only thing here was to be an agitator. Makes no sense how things were handled.


Still want to heckle and harass Bob. Still using veiled threats which are supposed to be against the rules. Cant keep me out of your mouth. I told you that you couldn’t. You’re sick.

Everything was going good. They got tired of no one to argue with in the basement, so they’re bringing it back to off-topic but still political.

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It’s no secret this place is the right-leaning cry baby department.

Did the OP explain WHY premiums increased?

Good to know what GOP was planning on doing………says it right here….

It’s remarkable that Social Security is not the front-and-center issue in the midterm elections. Key Republicans say they will cut Social Security and Medicare if their party gains power. Some Republicans are considering raising the full retirement age to 70. These long-promised Republican policies threaten millions of older Americans, and all those who will grow old — and they will only make current economic stresses even worse.