Custom made for a celebrated Florida Marlin angler.
A beautiful rod - white fiberglass blank - heavy clear epoxy on wrappings. Why draw lightning to your boat?
All AFTCO rollers and aluminum AFTCO butt.
This is built on a true 80# blank.

$125 - You are unlikely to find another of this quality at this price!


Ready to fish custom made 80lb class rod with all Aftco roller guides and detachable Aftco aluminum butt (2 pieces) and 6’-10" long together. Built for renowned St. Augustine, FL big game (Marlin/Tuna) fisherman Tommy Greenhalgh who has left us for better fishing grounds.
This rod is in very good shape showing only careful use and is ready to bring in big fish paired with the right reel. Roller guides are working properly.
Beautiful bright windings with hi-build epoxy on all wraps and an exquisite blue velour fore-grip.
Rod was built in the heyday of American big-game fishing when the best of the semi-custom rods came out of Florida (Harnell, Uslan, Magnuflex).
Own and use a first-class piece of American fishing tradition, a rod that, made here today, would cost at least $500.
Those CHEAP black rods you’re seeing these days are MADE IN CHINA!
This rod is built on a genuine 80lb blank.