SOLD Solo Skiff

Selling my gray solo skiff. 14.5’ long with a 4 HP Yamaha 4 stroke. Does not come with a trailer. I always carried it in the back of my truck. Includes a bed extender, rolling storage rack for motor, and a set of kayak wheels/dolly. Very few mods, but it is ready to fish. Great boat for solo fishing really skinny water. Stable enough to stand and sight fish. Top speed approx. 12 MPH. Can plane in 2" of water.

Mods: Three rails for rod holders or other add-ons. Hobo front hatch. Hobie mesh pockets. The boat also includes a life jacket and a small 1 gallon gas tank that I used for extra fuel. Boat is approx. 2.5 years old. I have owned for over a year.

Been a fun boat to own (much better than regular kayak fishing in my opinion). But I have another boat and just can’t justify keeping this.

$2700 OBO

See website for pics and videos of this boat in action:

That thing is super cool.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

It’s a great fishing platform. Can cover a more ground than a regular kayak. Easy to stand up and pole. 2” draft. Just takes a little practice to pole and fly fish solo.

Is it possible to fit two people in this? Or is that not recommended?

Anything that pulls drag, right?

It’s possible, but not recommended. Coast guard rated for 1. For those that want more speed, you can mod the 4 HP motor to 6 HP and increase the top end to 17-18 MPH. Which, as strange as it sounds, is pretty fast in this little boat.

still available.