Some Offshore Combos-sold

I have a TLD 20 with an Ocean Stik 6’0" line class 30-50lb and the action is heavy. It is lined with 20lb mono around 600yds. (I know it is stupid to put that line class on the TLD.) It has been cleaned and taken to Haddrells.

I also have a Penn 114H 6/0 Senator with a Aurora Vengeance Rod 6’6" and the action is Extra Heavy. The line class is 80-100lbs. It has about 300yds of 50lb mono.

I am about to enter my 2nd year in college and need some extra money. I don’t use these, so I would like to see someone who can use them and appreciate them more than I do. Both combos work great and I can send pictures from my phone. I cant figure out how to put them on here.

I am asking $125 for the TLD combo and $100 for the Senator Combo.

Thank you,

still available???

Yes both of them are.

The TLD has 30lb mono now


PM answered