Something for the kids?

We will be heading to Edisto for a week in early August and I am interested in some kind of fishing that a 2 and 4 year old would enjoy. I am new to salt water fishing and am from Columbia so we usually catch bream at Murray on corks, but I have no idea what to fish for in salt water that would keep kids entertained and happy. Is there a “bream” of salt water? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Take them down to Botany Bay and fish for whiting, sharks, and stingrays off the beach. The bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. Cut mullet, shrimp, whole mullet. Anything really.

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take them to Botany Bay and go to Jason’s lake. Open for youth fishing on Fri-Sun. Fish the incoming tide at the pipe and bring plenty of bait with you; preferably shrimp and mud minnows. Fish near the pipe and prepare to catch some door mat flounder. Be aware that it is strictly catch and release only and an adult can only fish if a youth is with them.

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we use to fish the outskirts of ponds around the golf course with cut shrimp and bobbers.everybody did it.just ask when u get there.friend had beach house .good luck.