Son-in-law got a doe Monday morning

My son-in-law has killed 6 deer in 2½ years. He has totaled 3 cars.
Just got a new car Friday.

He leaves his house to go to work anywhere from 03 to 04 and drives country roads. Think he might need to find another route.

How about those bumper whistles?? SAVITA 4 PCS Deer Whistles Wildlife Warning for Cars, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Black Ultrasonic Deer Warning : Automotive

You beat me to it… Many swear by em.

This is probably not true, but about 20 years ago a Plantation owner told me the Auto Insurance agencies had a program to introduce coyotes to S.C. to cut down on deer population due to all the auto claims from them.

Then I also heard that we got them from fox pens switching to coyotes instead of foxes and some got out??? All it would take would be a big storm and a tree mushing down the fence.

The company my son-in-law works for has about 200 employees. He said nearly half the crew was hit at least one deer in the last couple years. Several have hit multiple deers. But it looks like he holds the record so far. unfortunately.
The last car he totaled had deer whistler’s. Daughter said she had a brand new set to put on the new car but Randall hadn’t put them on.

That sucks but, at least it hit low and didn’t come up into the windshield.

I’ve had way too many close encounters with Deer, the past few weeks.

Nailed a six point last week, and sent him broadside into a mini van, coming the other way.

Van slammed him, and never touched the brakes.