Son Looking For Housing............N. Chas Area

My oldest just finished up a nursing program at MUSC and has been offered a job at Trident Medical Center in N. Charleston. He now has to find someplace to live out that way. He would prefer the Goose Creek area to be close to work but, he would consider other areas not too far from the hospital.

We are not at all familiar with that area and neither is he so we’re looking for some input from locals from that area. He would prefer a small house or duplex as he would like some kind of yard and a place to keep his kayak but, would consider an apartment. Most likely, that is what he will have to settle for. He is making decent starting salary but, has student loans to pay back and wants to rebuild his savings so $ is an issue.

If anyone from that area is aware of any decent housing options and has any insight as to areas to avoid or any other helpful information, I would appreciate the information

My wife has some property in N.C. Have him call me sometime and we’ll see what we can maybe work out. There are better deals to be made if he’s willing to put in a little sweat equity, but I understand if he doesn’t have the time.

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