Sonars and bottom readers? (side scan and chirp)

Buddy just boat a 24 Grady and wants to bottom bump and do a good bit of near shore and offshore shelf and in. He wants to get a good sonar/sounder for reading the bottom. I have fished with folks with Garmin’s and Lowrance and they do well.

Shoot me your thoughts and opinions. Really looking at the 9" screens and been doing some research on the Garmin echo with chirp.

Furuno FCV-588 with a 1KW Airmar transducer. Use what the commercial guys use. You will hear 100 different people point you in 10 different directions, but how many of them do it for a living. For bottom fishing It is tough to beat a Furuno


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For bottom fishing It is tough to beat a Furuno

X2. That’s all I used on my charter boats. The boat I fish on offshore now has a great 13" Humminbird with sidescan, but it also has a Furuno bottom machine. We use the Hummingbird mostly for the plotter and the Furuno for bottom bumping.

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