Sooo, problem solved, or just a bunch of Mod's to ok what can be posted?

Tell me, please…crickets…


Snickers posted in the Lounge that posting protocols are back to normal.

Are you having trouble posting topics?

Normal? No sir. Anything remotely involving politics gets hidden and censored away. That’s not normal… Hmmm… or has it become normal? You know like back in Hitler’s time and now the modern disinformation tactics about the millions of jews and Polish slayed by him in the concentration camps.

Like I’ve told you before, if you want to debate the optics of WWII, create a topic?

I’m in.

If you just want to harass me, for being open to your dialogue, then fold.

Sadly, it seems that I was Blessed, and Cursed, in the same stroke?

I promise you, Fred, Bay, Easyrider, I’m the only Moderator on your side.

I don’t need your approval, but, I think I owe each of you a voice in this process.

And I will accommodate each of your opinions.

Only a few days ago, you were reaching out to me to see where we go from here?

I’m trying my best!

Sf23 got rid of the trash, looks like it’s up to me to kiss ass?

That won’t happen!

Like what Fred had to say. Regarding censorship, as that is what has been happening here.

MN, I’m talking about y’all having the authority to remove the problem, as mentioned??

Good grief man, RBF at a minimum…


He and Bob are gone.

Lighten up on me Francis!

Dang! I’m in you guys corner!

Well, that is good news.

If Snickers allows this group of moderators to continue, I’ll come back. Without troublemakers, the site will come back. It will grow and get more participation. It will get more sponsors.

Yes, I deactivated RBF the second I knew I could. They should have kicked him out a long time ago. I like the good natured ribbing that the fishing community puts on each other, but people just being as nasty as they can just because they can will get kicked out as long as I have anything to do with it.

@snickers, thank you for finally doing this. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

The best kick off since this new format. Now we just watch for aliases.

Sadly, it took the near death of a once great site. Hoping it can be restored to its former self and some of those that left can be convinced to return.

Great Job Ricky. Not sure WHY no one did it before you.

That’s the million dollar question.

Maybe they had an awakening?

For what it’s worth - Sorry it took me so long.


Thanks, Ricky for stepping up and @snickers for making this possible…Most posts I’ve seen in quite some time.


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