Soooo, what's the verdict?

Can deer smell a thermacell?? I can, but would like your thoughts.

Did get an ionizer. Thoughts on that are welcome too.


I know that answer. If it has an odor . Then deer can smell it

Thanks, NB.

SO I’m guessing it’s a threat and will spook them…They claim to be scentless so just curious what folks have experienced.

Probably a foolish question, as all scent goes with the wind. I guess you would have to put one out with no human being there and have some video evidence???

Will see.


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Actually some odors attract deer so who knows about thermacell?

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It’s the different odd smells that get them, put a thermocell in a couple of stands and let it run and watch your trail cams. I’ve never heard of any negative effects of running a thermacell. VIsit your feeders and hunting spots often, deer will get used to your smell. Noise is the big distractor, those things can hear a flea fart a mile away. My Dad could be 500 yards away coming over on the golf cart and our Deer would hear him coming.

Diesel fuel is IMO the best scent cover around, also a big attractor for wild hogs. Most everything around the woods runs off diesel. Deer get used to that sent and it will totally cover a human’s scent. Carry a little jug of it and 20 30 yards away from the feeder pure some on the ground or on a rag and tie it up, for a few weeks along with putting it around your stand / blind.

Deer, if they can smell a thermacell, are not spooked by it.

They would be more spooked by you in the stand swatting mosquitoes away.

You’re over thinking it. Use the thermacell and be comfortable. Hunt with slight breezes in your face when you can. Wind is important, but not for the reason that most people who don’t regularly hunt might think. Use the wind to your advantage. If wind is blowing your scent towards where you know the deer are or are supposed to be, hunt a different location. USE THE WIND TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Remember, you are smarter than the deer.

And I’ve had bucks and does come out within 50 yards of the running tractor many times just to check it out. Never spooked, just walked off after getting a good look.

I’ve seen deer while using my chain saw. They had my wind. They do have a curious streak sometimes