Spanish Mackerel lately?

I’m planning an after work trip one day this week to try for spanish mackerel for the first time. It will be a short trip so I’ll just troll spoons on planers. I’ve seen thousands in big schools miles past the jetties but has anyone had much luck with them in the harbor, jetties, or off the beaches? I was hoping to stay close and just have a relaxed trip and drink a few sodas.
Thanks in advance for any information you can share. I’ll post a good report as usual if we catch anything.

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Looking to do the same. Any luck in the harbor?

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I’ve caught a few this year in the harbor but not like normal. I haven’t seen the big schools unless I’m beyond the jetties.

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Didn’t make it out. I had a rare Yamaha engine issue. I cranked both engines with the stern line untied and the boat swung 180 on the dock. Stbd engine was stuck in GO! and I couldn’t loosen the cable at the helm so I cut it off. Ended up trout fishing on the dock and going out for drinks downtown. Marina said they didn’t notice anything when they launched it and it was fixed when we checked it on the bunk today. Not sure whats going on. I couldn’t push the throttle past idle. Fishy…

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Saw lots of Spanish on Sat AM around Castle Pinckney and further up the river. Birds diving and fish jumping.

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