Spanish macks

Headed to the inlet this morning to see what i could find. I was a little behind the tide and it had started to go out and dirty the water. I was trolling some yozuri’s while looking for signs of life. I found the clean ocean water in front of the bouys and started slow trolling the jelly field looking for surface action. I saw a couple logger head seaturtles working the jelly field too along with about a 4ft hammer head that i think was eating the crabs off the jellys. I caught several blue crabs that were drifting and some that where eating the jelly fish while floating on them. After about an hr of working the area i saw a few flicks (greenbacks) of bait in the distance. I get the cast net ready and have the rods ready in case of fish. I super slow troll in full stealth mode to get close to see whats there. I get closer and all the bait is forced to the surface and balled up and spanish are working them. Its 100 % Im gonna hook up, i found what i was looking for. Then out of no where cast and blast googans riding bow high looking for birds wake the d out of and scare all the spanish and bait. I located them again but they went to where the surf and current were making it to nasty to fish. Moved up the inlet and thought i saw some reds pushing bait but it was a jumbo cownose. Moved over to the point and the brownest bonnet head i ever seen was blowing mullet up topwater style. I dont know if it was successful but it definitely was trying hard. I think i had a couple hits trolling but i could of just hit jellys and i may of had a baby blue on but what ever it was came of the line.

How many googans does it take to catch a Spanish?

They worked together

After spooking the entire inlet, time to go aint no spanish here. Note the lady had binoculars.

If googan 1 n 2 read this.