Sparkler Trout and Red Rockets - YS

4th of July fireworks at it’s finest!!! When it’s 95° outside and none of my excuses seem to phase this youngen of mine…broken record fishing phrase that pays " Can we go fishing yet?" Several more rat reds and croaker didn’t make the cut…but mine sure did because I sometimes have to show out when I can because it wasn’t a stingray so it counts. If anybody out there has a youngen that mandates fishing excursions in the heat let me know because mine is willing to come aboard for the show while I sit it out next time…thank goodness the water felt better this time especially before that storm caught us when the action was straight :fire:
Youngen Style


Shes gonna need a set of keys to that boat and truck soon

Real soon, lol

Good stuff, thanks for sharing


Great stuff as always!

I’ve caught a many a fish in that spot. I wonder why there isn’t a dock and a house where the woods meet the water?Good on you for taking her,just don’t get her interested in gigging or you’ll never get any sleep.Those were the days.

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I do miss gigging…

Man if I’d known those guys were right there I would have tried to slip across the big river and come say hello lol

Really good stuff y’all! :clap:

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I sure hope PP doesn’t see this comment… might drag him out for a lashing lol

Stump if you don’t hold your mouth right it won’t happen, that’s what happened that day because where we always catch em we didn’t have the first hit. Regrouped and rebaited with the mother nature’s finest and just like that…separation from the youngens and the men!!!

memories and friends for life!!

I looked it up.Now I see why there was never a house built there. Heck of a winter time spot by the way.

Now you’re in the know :smirk:
GIS don’t lie

Havent fished that spot in a few years.

Hey Triple Tail, need more reports please.