Spring Dolphin bite? Mahi/Mahi for Yanks

What is your opinion on the best time?

Let’s discuss…

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My opinion is only the fish know, that’s why you have to go often in late March to mid April to find out.

Or know some charter capt.'s to keep you informed, or other regular offshore Mahi guys.

Varies greatly from week to week as they move with the bait.

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They are being caught, mostly in deeper waters. My opinion is weather this year has remained cooler than normal for them coming closer. Still to scared to run mine out far. Just don’t have the stones I used to, or smarter? Guess I need to invest in a good eprib and look into sea tow or BoatsUS.

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IMO ANY offshore activity requires EPIRB and Tow Boat US, better than Sea Tow by far. Also Garmin Inreach is a very valuable tool, can replace EPIRB, and not expensive.

Inreach allows direct text contact with family too, as well as CG and Tow Boat US, while offshore, is a great comfort.

I think those ACR ResQlinks PLB’s are just as good as a EPIRB and much cheaper and battery replacement is cheaper and you can keep it on your belt while offshore so if you go on another boat you can bring it for extra safety. Plus if you fish the winter water they are good to have in case you sink inshore so you can get help before dying of hypothermia. I think all boats should have one just in case even if you stay inshore

looking at one on amazon around $350. thanks for that info hammerred

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My ditch bag has an epub a compass, dye pack, a flare gun and a waterproof handheld radio. I have two life jackets in my Tbag that has a plb attached to them.
I’ve been catching some nice dolphin at the scarf and the Georgetown hole.
March has always been a good time for me at the Gulf stream with wahoo and dolphin.
Oh yeah and towboat over sea tow.
Mainly because there’s a lot more tow boat between North Carolina and Florida

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We got a EPIRB because just in case. I mean no-brainer for worst case scenerio. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.