springs, hubs and lights

found myself with an open afternoon and a need to avoid all holiday shopping traffic, so i embarked on a maintentance project that from the looks of things had never been done. new leaf springs, new hubs with grease guard, reposition guideposts and new lights added with all new wiring. new tires have been ordered and she should go down the road as new on wednesday. felt good to finish. merry christmas to all. mike go mizzou!

You weren’t messing around. That’s a total overhaul. The old saying and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure comes to mind. Trust me it’s not easy to change a trailer bearing on the side of I-26. Good job geeting it done on the off season.

Dorado II
Carolina Skiff 25DLV

Hit all that raw metal stuff with heavy grease, or Heavy Duty CRC spray and it will last at least 3X longer. At least mine has. :wink: