St. Helena Help

Going to stay at St. Helena Island on Thursday for a few days. I have never been out on the water in that area and would love any advice on general shrimping locations - I am taking poles, but prefer to deep hole.

I also talked to a friend a few years ago that said there was a rock pile somewhere between there and Edisto that might hold some fish. Again - I’m not looking for any spoecific spots, just some general coords. or advice. Something like “deephole out of Shem Creek along the shipping channel” or “go out of Anderson Creek about 500 yards then turn left and work your way towards the litte key out front”. I just don’t know the area well.

Thanks in advance!

Look on your map in St Helena sound for two sisters creek, set up right at tha mouth. The Rocks are right straight out from the water tower. You will see boats there, Jain the crowd. Live Finger mullet or fresh cut mullet is the best bait for spot tail bass.

Thanks for the tips. First day -

Tried deepholing around the sound in ditches and drop offs - only got a few handfulls. Test poles on cumb banks and over at the mouth of rock creek didn’t produce anything.

Tried the rock pile with live and cut bait, but no luck there either. Caught a 35" red at the narrow bridge leading out to Johnson Creek Tavern - outgoing tide on cut mullet. Caught some other smaller whiting, sea bass, etc.

Last day weaved over to port royal near mouth - Lands End mud bank. Found shrimp on deep hole in 25’ of water or so. A few pounds but too windy. Test poles on the bank didn’t produce anything. I guess most of those areas are night shrimping only.

Caught some nice black drum and a few redfish breakoffs on docks on the way back to the boat ramp - we used the small one off Butch Rd.