St. Pat's Day meal

I think we are on our 28 year of this. Biggest difference this year, I got smarter on my beverage consumption. Nice head this morning. The crowd thinned out a lot earlier as well. Just gave the dogs all the fat trimmings and bagged up the leftovers. Boiled for 4 hours then put rutabagas, carrot, turnips, potatoes, and cabbage in the Broth. Once rutabagas were soft added the cabbage last. Wife uses the broth with some corn starch to make a “white” gravy to put over everything.

Biggest issue is I didn’t have my Dad this year, but Mom and Mom had some good quality time and the girls gave them some of their vodka laced gummy bears. It was good to see mom laugh some.


But the only thing to say about all that is WOW!!!

Nice that your mom had a few lighthearted moments… and I’m sure y’all made a few toasts in dad’s honor too

I like seeing the huge meals y’all cook, that looks right up my alley. My dad’s mom was Claire Sullivan, she was my 100% irish Nana and the only grandparent I ever knew, and now my older daughter carries her name.

I could eat eggs, potatoes, cabbage, and beef for the rest of my days… sláinte!

With the price of eggs, I’m glad the wife’s girls started laying again! only problem for me is peeling fresh eggs no matter how they are boiled or cooled…

Wife made a “hash” with some of the left overs last night.

Looks awesome Fred!

I’ll take dibs on the Hash!

you will always be welcome! It’s pretty neat watching the 4 generations talk and play.

The “white gravy” is what makes it, IMO Mixed Nutz. I almost did some rice in some of the leftover broth. ?? maybe next year.

I didn’t show the meat cut up, but I do some short cuts across the grain and then leave some long stuff. Can’t beat it on a Hawaiian roll with some butter.

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Dang, seeing all the stuff you folks eat makes me feel like I’m missing out on some good food.

Hey Fred, finally some good news!