Standing Rib Roast - $5.79 Lb

Not sure if it is all stores but, Publix in Columbia is selling Standing Rib Roasts for $5.79 Lb, We buy them and have them cut into 1" steaks (Ribeye). We get 8 - 9 steaks out of one and a rack of ribs. This is a killer deal. You will not find Ribeye steaks for $5.79 lb anywhere else unless it is out the back of a truck near Walmart.

I don’t think a lot of people buy it because they either don’t know how to cook a SRR or they do not realize it is Ribeye steaks. Every time I buy one, someone asks what it is and how you cook it. When I tell them it is Ribeye steaks they can’t believe it.

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Thanks, Doug. Tis the season for these. Have been doing like you for awhile. Vacuum seal steaks and good for awhile. And the ribs, oh yes! Ya ever notice beef ribs in a store for sale?? Looks like a coyote took all the meat off, lol.


Meant to post a couple of days ago but forgot. Oops. Yeah, we vacuum seal them and they last quite a while.

Going in the oven for Xmas dinner - Prime Rib. Bought a second just because it was on sale - will have to slice them up and cook them up as a ribeye. Good call!

I don’t know if I’d trust myself cooking a whole one but, the steaks are delicious.

I snagged some from Publix today!!

Thanks again

Yep, got 3 today and getting about 10 or more tomorrow…

DFree with the second bargain post of the year… and it’s a good one!

I’ve never gotten a SRR but i’m going today, y’all have finally tempted me enough!

And my wife says I am useless. HAH

All the ones here are bone in. I just take them up to the butcher and have them cut into steaks.

Deleted because I thought “deboned” meant I had a solid hunk of ribeye. Turns out it means they cut the ribs off and just packaged them underneath the muscle

So we are buying bone. On the trade that’s called @ rat packing

Yeah, you get a thin slab of beef ribs so yes, you are paying for some bone. You still won’t find ribeye steaks cheaper than that unless you’re buying from a guy in a truck in the Walmart parking lot.

*reel time report

NICE!!! (stupid 10 character rule)