My buddy and I headed out yesterday for some falling/incoming fishing. Fished the last 3 hours of falling and most of the incoming. Water clarity in the upper Wando was about 2’, used a dark colored Zman TRD on a trout eye jig head and absolutely wore the fish out. Never changed my lure color the entire day. He was using several different Zman lures experimenting to see if any other colors were hot. We ended the day with nearly 40 reds between the two of us, largest right at 30" and 28". Over a dozen trout and roughly half a dozen flounder. Two of which were absolute doormats and lost an even bigger one boat side. Water temps have fallen roughly 5 degrees and the fish are chomping! Almost all the fish were pulled off of grass lines and oyster bars with a few coming from around one dock.

Capt. Jeremiah
Southern Slam Fishing Charters

2018 Sea Hunt BX 22 BR

Great report, title says it all.