Stick Steer

Anyone have any experience wih a stick steer? specifially on a gheenoe however any advise would be appropriated. Was wondering how they handle and what kind of learning curve there was to driving one.

Growing up we had bulldozers, tractors with hand clutches, even 4-lever backhoes on our farm. I could and still do, run them like a professional; however, I had a friend in high school that had a little bass boat with stick steering and I couldn’t ever master that thing. Darn thing was just more than my mind could handle with having the throttle and stick steer to contend with. I would want to turn left and slow down but would end up turning right and speeding up. Some folks like the stick steer, you never know until you try to run it.

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I had 15 footer with stick steer. The throttle on mine was a regular one like you would have with steering wheel. Didn’t take long at all to learn. I loved it for catfish & bream fishing. Never had to move. Could run motor trolling motor and drop anchor all from my seat. Only reason got rid of it was needed more room for wife.

The first boat my dad bought when I was a kid was a 15’ jon boat with stick steering. We ran all over the upper end of lake Marion and the Congaree river. I could drive it just fine at 10 years old. Like was said before, you could run the outboard, trolling motor and the anchor without ever having to get out of the front seat.

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Had a Terry bass boat back in the 70’s with stick steering it had a 55 hp Evenrude and was about 36" wide and 16’ long. I never left the drivers seat all day, it had a swivel seat in the bow and you just turned to reach the cooler for beer and use as a live well and the trolling motor was right there in front of you. The steering stick was at your right hand and the throdle was at your left,easy as pie!

It is really easy and you can turn better, like a motorcycle vs a car but with reverse steering left goes right and right goes left. I usually run mine with the motor unlocked so I can go throw sketchy stuff with less fear of damage, if it hits any thing it flys up, but remember when you put it in reverse and it is unlocked your motor will fly out the water.