Still tailn'

Noticed that we got a foot more water on Saturday, so I decided to see if they were still in the grass on Sunday.

Have been frustrated with black drum on this particular flat all seaso. Finally, caught a nice black drum 5-6 lb. and a nice red about 28 in.

Had a hand full of shots, but I was poling myself in my skiff over some soft bottom.

Not sure what has caused the tides to be so much larger than predicted. Anyone have a clue?

I am not sure, must be the wind though. Unfortunately I was out of town this weekend, but I did notice yesterday that there was about a foot of extra water on the afternoon high.


A tropical storm just passed a few days ago and gave iop some good size waves that could be it.

I hit one of my favorite flats Sat - plenty of water - devoid of life
Talked with Carter yesterday and he saw tails in the air again in the same spot.

Who’s ready for a sleigh ride?