Still Waters Still

Able to get out again on Wednesday 2/8. What a run of good weather to go out. Glassy surface on the way out and the tiniest ripples on the way back. Some swells but far between them.

Tried a new area without luck. Searched for some new numbers near live bottom areas that have worked before and had good results adding to fishing spots. Fished 80 to 110 feet. Water temps were surprisingly warm at 64 to 68 degrees.

Took along our long-time farm manager for his first trip in SC. He had a good day.

Look at the smooth water in that picture. Caught many of the usual suspects with some nice Vermillion, BSB’s and triggers. Doing better avoiding the ARS using “Fish point” and its ability to move 20 feet at time just by pushing on the joystick. Full fish box of bottom creatures.

Saw huge numbers of fish at one spot, moving slowly with some fins even poking above the water. These fish had no interest in our baits/jigs. Have seen this before and wondered what fish? The water was so clear this time could see them feeding on little jelly fish. A zillion spadefish.

Also saw some much bigger fish, even got a picture.

Pretty sure some big Aj’s but not certain.

On the run home saw birds and breaking fish. Threw at them a few times but they were moving fast and we were done for the day. Given the higher water temperature, I guess false albacore. Seems early but maybe not.

Lots of northern gannets and other wintertime birds like phalaropes.

Every time is a little different, still trying to figure it out.



Nice report, and pics.

We had a similar experience with the AJ’s surrounding the bote, a couple of weeks ago.

No luck on the bottom fish, though.

Love that blue water, I just wish it didnt take so long to get there from here. Nice report for sure.

Those look like spawning male Hogfish! I think you encountered a spawning aggregation.

That would be cool. They were not interested in eating.


Cool! We had the same thing happen, but we could catch AJ’s.

If they stopped biting, a chugger would get them going again.

A lot of fun, on an uneventful day.

Welcome to the site!

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Dang, keep this up, we’ll have a fishing site!

Despite the contrary!

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Great post, many thanks! I am trying to get out there as well, it will be my first trip so I was hoping to stay a little closer in. Does any one know if there is any action at the Charleston 60?

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STOP being so negative, and maybe nature will take it’s course!!!

Get out of the way Nutz…

When we were at Y-73 a couple of weeks ago, our buddy boat bailed on us, due to rough seas.

They headed to Chas. 60, as an alternate.

Managed some Porgies, and a few BSB.

Chas. 60 gets hammered, might try some nearshore live bottom instead.

Shoot me a PM, I’ll share some thoughts with you.

Now I’ll, kindly, get out of the way…

Y’all going out this week?