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Took a couple guys from West Virginia our on their first ever trip in the salt. Started off quick with a under sized flounder and numerous bites on trout eye jig heads and 4” white gulp swimming mullet. Moved further back into the Wandol and could see the red fish again but wouldn’t touch any artificials or live shrimp under a popping cork. Switched to a couple bottom rigs and set the trolling motor on anchor and tossed out cut crab and shrimp. Still no takers. Pulled everything up and ran them all the way back out to the harbor on a sight seeing and booze cruise while we all had a few beers. Everyone was happy and taking pictures sontold them we’d try another spot in deeper water. Got set up again with the trolling motor in 15-20’ of water and dropped two Carolina rigs with crab and one rod casting with a knocker rig bouncing live shrimp across the bottom. First 2 cast produce 2 reds. Both under sized but they were excited. Fought through some Black Sea bass and other trash fish. Then the Carolina rig went off and yielded a 28” red after a nice fight. As soon as picture was being taken the other rod goes off. Never got her turned ran 100yds off and popped us off in the structure. They had lunch plans so called it day. All in all not a great day of fishing but a fun day. Ended up with a few over sized and a few under sized. Water temp was 66 where we got majority of the bites

Pathfinder 2200 tournament

My wife generally buys her knocker rigs from Victoria’s Secret. Terrible fisherman that I am, though, I cannot fathom how they could help catch some redfish.

(All kidding aside – great report. Thank you. I will now proceed to Google “knocker rig,” as I genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about and yearn to learn.)

UPDATE: Upon Googling, the rig is familiar. Never heard the name before, though.

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I had never heard it called that either until about 7-8 years ago in the keys. A friend of mine who’s a guide in Islamorada kept calling it that and it stuck with me. Works great for kinda bouncing your bait around on structure. Gets hung up a lot less than a carolina rig.

Pathfinder 2200 tournament