Stinky Herbert Jensen Boat Landing

Never really thought about putting the boat in here, but I recently realized that it would be a good freshwater trailer dip (on way home) after a salt trip. Is it worth the dip to clean the trailer, I know it is somewhat salty. I still rinse with the hose, but I would think that it would be better than no dip at all right?

Here’s my thought process on this - Herbert Jensen ramp is like 10% saltwater up there, so it I would be getting 90% of salt contaminants off my trailer from the dip. This would just leave me to remove 10% of salt at home with a hose, which would result in my doing a quick rinse to get that lil 10% of salt off. I assume it would make the difference between a thorough rinse and more of a quicky.

I would be interested if anyone uses the ramp as a rinse?

I doubt its even 10 % there, and if it is, it’s probably in the bottom of the water column, not where you would be rinsing.
I sometimes don’t rinse my trailer when fishing there.

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Nice! Is dead low tide too low to rinse? I’m worried about backing down off of the concrete - LOL. Thanks Optiker.

That ramp is well above the SCDNR salt/fresh water line.
The water will be less salty as the tide goes out.
If all else fails, taste the water. If it’s salty, then you know not to dunk there.

Even so, it’s still worth the dunk. There are areas of the trailer you cannot get without submerging the trailer. It’s well worth it especially if you used a ramp with much higher salinity levels. As long as no one is waiting, run the motor as well.