Stomach Contents

We caught 7 kings over the weekend. I opened up a few of the stomachs as I was cleaning and was very surprised to fined a snelled hook w/ heavy mono still attached wedged at the anal exit. The hook was not rusted at all. I can’t believe it made it all the way through its system…but one thing is for sure, he wasn’t going to @#@# it out!! LOL Anybody get cut off recently? :smiley:

The kings were full of cigars. One dolphin we caught had a 12" flying fish and 5 cigars inside. What an appetite!

If it’s a 7/0 Gamakatsu silver or nickel Octopus with 100lb clear mono, I’d like my hook back. Where was the fish caught (in general?)


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Phin it was caught at approximately a 100 degree heading 27 miles out of Murrells Inlet.

Sounds like it might be yours. PM your address and I’ll get your hook back UPS next day air. :smiley:

Anybody ever found hooks inside fish or in a fishes mouth? First for me.

Caught a catfish in fresh water once that had a hook and about 2ft of line still in his lip.


i’ve caught 2 reds with a piece of mono coming out of their azz and the rusted hook most of the way out. i also cleaned a red onetime and its stomach contained a rootbeer grub with a red lead head. it looked like it had been there a while as the grub was really decomposed

Had an angler on my boat several years ago that broke off a nice red above the cork. We sat down to eat lunch and the cork pops up next to the boat and starts moving down the bank. A second angler in my boat made a perfect cast, the fish ate it and was landed after we threw the anchor and gave chase. Second angler was nice enought to give first anger is hook, leader and cork back.

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I caught a porgy at the CJ Davidson about 3 weeks ago that had a small hook half way out of its butt

lol…this is a hilarious post. I have never had a fish with a hook coming out the butt, but I have caught Goliaths with three hooks in their mouth and then mine on top of it!

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Great replies.

There must be a bunch of these George Bush fish out there…“fool me once…shame on…???”:stuck_out_tongue:

while cleaning my first trout otf we found a hook from a DOA that was not rusted at all. it mmust have been in there a while because the DOA was gone.

tru story, had an angler 2 winters ago catch a red otf when his clouser snagged the eye of a jighead hangin out the ass of a red!!!


caught a cobia last week that had a huge treble hook in his mouth

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Caught a short ARS once that had a hook in dorsal and wrapped around the midsection of its body back to the hook. The fish had grown around the line and the body was totally deformed, I cut the line and let him go. Kind of like leaving a belt on a ten year old kid and leaving it there for a year or 2.

I also had a big ARS break me off on #60 flouro and caught him on 80# the next day, circle hook right in place w/ my hook and snelled knot. He went for a boat ride that time(#22). Needless to say I always fish 80# or better now.