Stono 11/10

We went down to Stono with a good buddy and my little buddy to get some fishing in before it gets too cold. We hit the morning on a supper low tide and I could have used the water as a mirror to shave it was so calm. We have not gotten many of those days out there.

We hit one of the creeks and turned the corner and there were so many birds out it looked like something out of the birds from Alfred Hitchcock.

Good buddy hooked up early with two big boys, one he landed below and the other completely straighten the hook when he tried to keep it out of the pier. He smoked me until later in the morning.

Little buddy and Dad hooked up later in the day with a good slot. He is getting the hang of reeling. (Fishing out of the back of the truck in the yard with the Spiderman pole is paying off.) Overall we had a great day with a couple of big reds and several slots, all on the incoming tide. Little guy was great for 5 hours on the water with no complaints.

Congrats! Nice fish…