Stono/Kiawah 6/22 - Lost & Found rod

Had my brother in town yesterday and had him & our cousin out at 5:30 am to set up on a flat I’ve been starting to use a lot more. I had EVERYTHING ready and all they had to do was bring a back up pack of frozen mullet. Well, still holds true that when I don’t bring a back up pack then I’m not able to net bait as quick… they forgot the bait. Took us 4 hours to finally get some mullet even though they were all around us. Any how, once we got it then we had to move off the flat before we could even fish it. Went into a creek from there to work a series of docks and had one break off. Re-rigged and moved to the next dock and put the rod in the cooler handle while I got some extra rigs tied. Next thing you know it looked like that rod was shot out of a cannon. I don’t even think if I had picked it up and thrown the (**() thing that it’d go as far as it did in the air before it turned into a submarine. All we could do was watch in awe as my new rod entered the depths of the creek.

Well I don’t know if this helps the story or hurts it but we moved further down after 10 minutes and low and behold my cousin snags something an pulls up my rod. No fish, but got it back! That made their day.

Later I picked up a red back on that flat from before and we called it. Lost 2 reds, got 1 in the boat, 1 keeper trout (gut hooked; went into the pan), and a decent size bonnet head earlier in the morning. All caught on live finger mullet or cut mullet except for bonnet head which was caught on crab.

Saw Opps out there and still had to tell him where to catch fish. Pointed him to where he had to go and he pulled up a nice red a few minutes after getting there. Had to throw that in there before he starts harping on me about flying rods (of which, come to think about it… he did the same thing years ago!).

Can’t remember water temp but I do know that on the flat it was hot within 20 yards of where we were so I chucked it out right around where the temp noticeably changed.