Stono report 5/23

Fished incoming tide Saturday morning in the Stono. Got some shrimp at low tide. The bigger bait sized shrimp were in a little bit deeper water, 4-5 ft. Ended up landing 7 trout, all around 13", 1 20" redfish, 1 stingray. All caught on shrimp under a popping cork. The fish were not interested in artificials, struck out with zman minnowz on trout eye jig heads. My wife did foul hook a 20+ lb cow nose ray on the trout eye jig head. She landed it with a shimano sahara 1500 reel, we got it unhooked and it swam away strong. Had lots of other fish come unbuttoned, including what I think was a nice bonnethead. I have seen a few cruising the shoreline recently. Back at the ramp around noon, snuck out just as it was getting crazy.

had same experience as you sat morning. threw soft plastics, plugs, crab quarter, even tried crab smothered in pro cure. even saw one swim up, smell the crab, and bolt. must have only been after shrimp and mullet.

Caught a couple cow nose in the last two weeks. they use those flaps at the front to suction food into their mouths. if you hooked one there, i think it was trying to eat the lure. Did that with a spoon weekend before last.