Stono today!

Fished the stono this afternoon and early evening for just a little awhile. Fished up near marker 55. Chunks of crab and mullet. Not a bite in about 30-35 min. However, I couldn keep the crabs off my lines. I realize thats not long fishing, but i felt like its pretty long at one spot (when nothing is biting). What am I doing wrong?!? any help would be much appreciated.

Hooker up, 30 to 35 might be to long if you never got a bite. Myself, I would have moved. The only way I stay that long without catching fish is if the wife is with me and I don’t want to hear her about moving. The other thing is fishing is like real estate. location, location, location. You need to find with some kind of structure, oysters or water break. Or it could be they weren’t biting that day. Good luck.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Like i said move along the shore line and if you see pushes back off and come back later.this way you at least know what area the reds are in.Try the docks across from 55.I sit maybe 20 minutes in spots .


I got skunked today in the folly river and that’s my favorite place to fish. sometimes there just not where you are. that’s fishing my friend.

B.O.A.T. Bust Out Another Thousand!

Thats why they call it fishing, i just need some help haha

I couldn’t get anything interested over the weekend on Stono or Folly. Our dock runs across a small tidal creek going out to Folly River. Returning from fishing, I look down in the 1’ of water and see 4 reds cruising around. Drop in a line with chunk of cut mullet. Watched them check it out and swim by it several times, didn’t want it. Try a shrimp with same result. I guess they’re eating too well right now!

Well, in a way it is good to hear that fishing in the Stono wasn’t that good for others this last weekend. Took my father and son out and all we caught was a 15" trout, a 10" red, and a stingray. I was beginning to think I’ve lost my touch:face_with_head_bandage:. The Stono is tough to fish, but I usually land at least a handfull of decent fish each trip. I’ll give it another try one night this week and go to the harbor on Friday if it doesn’t turn around.

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