Storm damage

A lot of people without power & i think 18 or so deaths. Hope all yall faired well. Looks like liw country may have got the worse of it?
We lost power around 6am & is still out. No damgage but a lot of trees down in my area & some fell on houses.

Here in Walterboro at my house, I have 2 cedar tree branches broken and some skirting loose from the house.
I hope everyone is safe.

Double D.

It was a doosy for sure. Got 2” rain in an hour. Had a tree fall in front of my truck about a quarter to seven nothing to do but run over it no damage just some scratches. (Ranch hand has paid for itself a few times over) Still no power in several areas. Not sure if it made the news but saw some facebook pics of the airport. Looks like about one building left standing and many airplanes turned over
Puddles drying up quick though.

Heard Hampton and estill area took some bad damage too