Stradic CI4 3000 or Penn Battle 3000

I want to add a few more rod and reel setups since I’m retiring a few of my older/cheaper rigs. Price really isn’t an issue but I realize I can buy 5 battles at the cost of 2 stradics. I have fished the CI4s before but have never handled the battles. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the battles. So in your opinions if u have fished both reels will I be happy with the battles since I’ve already fished the stradics?

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke

Have you ever thought about the Shimano Spheros? Great saltwater reels, great drags and can take a beating, plus it’s still a shimano!


Not sure about the smaller battles but I will say my 6000 takes a beating and hasn’t had a hiccup yet
I’d rate it right up there with my saragosa

I have a Battle 2000 and 3000. Both have landed 30+ inch reds and been flawless. I had to make the same decision you did when I bought the 2000 last year. I looked at the CI4 and although it is a very nice reel and was noticeably lighter, I hated the short little handle they put on it. I am more than pleased with the battle at less than half the price. Also, when comparing my Penn SSg, Battles, and Slammers to my Shimano Stradic and Saragosa, the Penns have been more durable. The Saragosa I have had to replace the line roller several times and the main rotor bearing. On the Stradic I have had to replace the line roller several times and the anti-reverse roller bearing. The Penns have never needed any parts.

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I have a mess of Penn Battles (one 1000, two 3000’s and 1 8000) and a Stradic 2500. No issues with the Battles - love 'em. Stradic needs a line roller bearing (annoying scratchy sound when reeling) but otherwise good. I recommend the Battle.

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BTL3000 all the way.

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Thanks for the replies I think I’m going with the battles.

2007 Scout 221 150 Yamaha 4 stroke