Strange Day

For some crazy reason a couple of us over the hill fishermen decided to do a little fishing in the Wando River and Horlbeck Creek yesterday.

-never seen the river so rough-3’ to5’ at no interval-blowing 25 to 30 out of the SW. Rode a following sea 'til we got thru the 41 bridge; however, anchoring was almost impossible; so we slammed our way back to Horlbeck from whence we came.

-managed to anchor near the first bend to port. We had lunch and caught one blue crab.

-not good, decided to fish some docks-same anchoring problems until we got way up in the creek where there was some protection; but we had to set two anchors to hold the boat from blowing all over the creek-never had to do that in a creek before! Caught two more blue crabs-that was it for the day.:dizzy_face:

-only good thing we found out was that our 20’ter handles pretty well in inshore SCA conditions-didn’t see too many bay boats out there yesterday-owners were too smart:smiley:

“Watch what we do,not what we say.” John Mitchell
Sea Hunt Triton 202
Yammy 150

strong wind against moon tide = big standing waves

Iain Pelto
Sea Hunt Triton 160 w/ 90 ETEC “JB3”
Native Manta Ray 14

Sternline - Check out Optiker’s post. We managed some fish but got the crap beat out of us on the Cooper.

Seafox 187CC