Stren Sonic Braid??????

I have been using Spiderwire Stealth Braid for a few years now and have been pretty happy with it. Never having used braid before that, I had no real reference point so could not compare it to other braids. I have a lead on some decently priced Stren Sonic Braid but know nothing about it. Does anyone have any experience with this line? Care to share?


If you are happy with what your using why change? Unless the price of the Sonic Braid is incredibly cheap, in that situation I would say try it. I am personally loving this new PowerPro Slick

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It is less money but I would not change for that reason alone. Just haven’t talked to anyone that has used it so did not want to change for $ alone.


I agree with hurricane, power pro slick is awesome. Ive tried several braids and for the money its better than spiderwire. Never tried the stren though.

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I have used it on the freshwater side for flipping heavy grass mats for large mouth bass. It’s just as good as Power Pro but a little more expensive. I catch Power Pro on sale at Dick’s and stock up every time. I have never seen the Stren braid on sale.

Excuses? I’ve heard them all!

I’ve used both Stealth and Power Pro, and love both, but I find Stealth to be better than Power Pro for spinning reels, but for baitcasters, I definitely prefer the Power Pro.

If you try anything, try that first. I can’t attest to the Stren but I know Power Pro is nice stuff.