Striper Rips Rod Out Of Guy's Hands

Check out the video of a guy getting a rod ripped out of his hands by a striper. Before you watch the video, please note that there is some adult language. Check out the video:!

Now that’s a good way to hold a rod while trolling…what a dumbace

More like, way to have your drag locked down…

Man, Good thing wahoos aren’t that strong or I might lose more rods… Oh wait, they are… Yep. He fumbled the ball…

As my father-in-law would say…“Shhtuff Happens!!!”.

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Had a buddy almost get pulled out of the back of the boat by a wahoo the other week. He was feeding the bait back to get it out in the spread and it hit so when he set the drag he got slammed. Got the fish.

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Not a “monstah stripah” by any stretch of the imagination…the rod would not be bouncing from the headshakes an he would have immediately done a pirouette if that was the case. A good lesson on why you jig on the troll facing the transom.

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That captain looked pissed. And for good reason

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Id be pissed if I was that captain too!

Captain/Mate’s fault if you ask me. They were the one’s watching this guy and not saying anything. He just didn’t know better.

Like Hairball said, you want to be facing the stern and working the rod with a motion almost like you are trying to paddle the boat backwards…alot less tiring that way too. Alot of those charters, when working a parachute jig or bucktail like that, depending on who the customers are, won’t even let them touch the rod until they hook up. They normally use steel line too which is not very user friendly to someone not used to using it.

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