Stripers around Randolph's Landing Area

Just registered as new member. Been viewing the website for some time now. Good Information. Anybody have any information on the striper fishing in this area from Now through end of Summer. Does the “night” or “early morning” bite work around the dam work like it does at Pinopolis? Or is it different.
Any information if appreciated. My family and I have fished with guides and friends for years but are just getting into this type of fishing ourselves.



The absolute best thing to do is go with a guide “once.” This is dedicated to the late great Groovy Granny at Lake Murray who told me everything, spilled the beans, and showed me how to hook up. However, if you get a good fish finder like a Garmin or such, look for the baitfish, then look for the bigger fish nearby or under the baitfish on the bottom. If you have GOOD FRESH BAIT, the FRESHER and LIVELIER the better. Use a 12" leader off your sinker so the bait can’t run too far too fast, and take care NOT to knock the scales off the herring or shad, stripers can be picky when they aren’t schooling and in a frenzy. Use big circle hooks, hook bait through the nostrils, watch the bait go down on your fish finder, to about 3’ above the fish, then repeat about 4 times until you got all your rods out.

Fry em up!

-19’ Cat-

Hey,thanks for the info. Yep, we’ve been with guides on the lower lake for stripers and catfish but never on the upper lake. You are right. YOu can get a world of information that way.
The boat has a lowrance combo (gps/sonar). Still figuring out how to work everything. The guides that I have been with always hook the bait through the top of the back. Will try your method too.
Thanks, again.:sunglasses:


dilly you said that granny isnot with us anymore? We went on a charter with her 7 or 8 years ago, had fun and caught fish.