Stripping basket

I’m currently working on my stand up fly fishing skills and am having some issues with line management. I fish out of a Malibu x-factor with a Scotty fly rod mount and extension in front of me. Between the Scotty and the footholds, lots of things to snag on. Should I just throw down a wet towel, or does anyone have a good diy stripping basket they like? The orvis seems nice, but not looking to drop $50+ on it. Thinking laundry basket with glued in cable ties. Thoughts? Thanks.

I don’t use a stripping basket in my kayak, but then again I don’t have anything in the way such as rod holders. Just the flush mount factory ones behind the seat and my milk crate which is all behind me. However I do use a basket when fishing the surf if its rougher. I made one with a plastic container from target or somewhere. Hook a bungee through each end and around my waist for a belt. Holes in the bottom to drain water. I am a builder so I had some old caulk tubes laying around and I cut the tops off a few and stuck them up in the container with screws through the bottom to hold them in place. Maybe $5 in it. Works fine for me.