Stumpknocker....your turn! - YS

Sometimes when you see somebody fushing when we all working out in this heat…hold my Dt. Mt. Dew she says!
Upgrade for me on Father’s Day, she let ME catch a blue fish. Learned today that muddies out fished finger mullet 4 to 1.
Youngen Style


Awesome. We fished for a bit yesterday in an unknown area. 1 stingray.

Always love your reports! Keep them coming!

You guys are putting on a clinic!

I always say it but never do it, but I should get out of the boat more often!

Those gnarly gar are all over the stono lately. Get a guy all excited when you see a lazy tail shallow and then it turns out to be a smelly gar.

And the smalls one will deceive you into thinking you missed your mullet when really it was those little snots :laughing: