Suggestions for Gheenoe Rebuild

I am just starting the rear and forward decks that I plan on building in my gheenoe. The one problem I am having is deciding what material to use to make them. The two I am deciding between is divinycell or marine plywood. Plywood because it is the cheaper way out and divinycell because it is the lightest. I cannot decide and am desperate for some input. Is the difference in weight that great? Also any suggestions on other materials would be greatly appreciated.

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On a small project like that, the weight will almost be a wash and the foam core will cost more. Probably twice as much.

The foam isn’t as strong as plywood so it requires a thicker core and more epoxy and FG cloth to achieve the same strength. I’d use 3/8" marine okume or meranti, and one layer of 12 ounce biax cloth over it.

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