Suggestions for places to fish around Ocean Isle?

I will be at Ocean Isle Beach for a few days next week and would like to do some fishing, but I’m not that familiar with the area (only been there once before and didn’t have time to do any exploring). I plan on doing some surf fishing, but would also like to find some places on some smaller creeks or maybe the ICW where I can toss some artificials on lighter tackle for specks and reds. I’ve been looking at Google Maps, but of course it’s difficult to tell from these maps how accessible some of these areas are (by truck/foot) or to know if they are private/posted. I don’t have a boat so access from the water is not an option. I would greatly appreciate some advice from someone familiar with the area on where some good spots are to fish for specks and reds. Not expecting anyone to disclose any of their secret “honey holes” or exact locations, just looking for some general areas with public access by truck/foot that I can explore. Also, if specks/reds are not available in the OIB area what types of fish can I expect to find in the surf and/or creeks around there this time of year? Also, any suggestions for good places to catch bait (with a cast net) and can I expect to find any finger mullet around this time of year?

Some places that I’ve found on Google maps:

  1. Ferry Landing Park - is this a decent place to fish?
  2. Beach at north end of the island/Shallotte Inlet - anywhere to park at the end of East 3rd, 4th or 7th street to have closer access or is it all private/posted?
  3. Looks like there might be access to the ICW at the end of Onslow St. but not sure if this is a posted/private road?
  4. Anywhere to fish around the bridge as you enter OIB (Causeway Dr.)?
  5. South end of the island near Tubbs Inlet - any public access/parking?
  6. Anywhere to fish around the bridge to Sunset Beach (Sunset Blvd)?
  7. Any smaller creeks in the area that hold specks/reds this time of year, have public/foot access and are within a reasonable driving distance from OIB?

Thank you!