Summer 2023

Dropping in to say hello! Been a busy summer with two little ones. Still getting out there! I’ll try to post more often.

Good to see fatrat out there today! Reminded me of this forum! Cheers everyone!


Love some trigger fish. Thanks for sharing. Good to see the kids getting out there.

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Long time no see… Thanks for popping back in! Got the family going good and thats all you can ask for! Looks like yall have been getting out once in a while, so good job getting out there! A FatRat sighting on the river is bonus too :smile:


Welcome back flywatt, great to hear from you. Nice Cat and other fish, and nice family too.

Always good to see family fishing, school starts soon, come on back often.

Welcome back! Thanks for posting the pictures; its great to see!

Welcome back!!

Thanks for your pics!!

Had a decent day and always good seeing others on this site and exchanging good fishing thoughts. Man, its hot out there happy to have the early morning Hi Tides. Can fish and get home before the sun gets Hi and the heat does the same.

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