Summer bite.

The summer pattern is back! Wednesday Glenn and Adam were on the boat and we were finally back on the artificial bite! The trout and reds ( as well as flounder ) are back on the oyster rakes.

As some of you may know, I took the wife out fishing Monday the fourth. We had a total of four fish - okay, she caught them all. :joy:

Wednesday was different. We were on fish pretty much all day catching redfish, trout and flounder.

Glenn and Adam (Awendaw Angler in these forums) popped a cork with a mud minnow from time to time, but the majority of the fish came off soft plastics on a 1/4 ounce jighead.

I absolutely love this type fishing! I can get away from the winter time structure where I pretty much have to go weedless and get back to the exposed hook. I don’t miss nearly as many fish when fishing this way.

We were fishing around Bull island once the tide came in. But we started off in Price creek and some of the creeks off of that.

Price creek has a bunch of oyster rakes and once the tide started rolling in we started catching trout for the most part. As the water started covering the oysters the redfish bite turned on.

I was throwing to the grass and bumping the bottom until I got to a ledge that was maybe a quick drop from 3 foot to maybe eight foot. That’s where most of my fish were caught.

Anyway, I’ve included the video of our trip at the top. Hope you guys are catching as well.

Solid report. Thanks for posting.

I was up at Price Creek area on Thursday and it is my favorite location. Great ride from Sullivan’s Island but I should go to Garris landing to put in but alway by myself and comfortable putting in at Sullivans landing. Didn’t kill it but 4 trout and 1 Red is a good day for me. All caught on Z Man swimmin trout trick pearl blue glimmer on 3/16 trout eye finesse hook and Pro Cure shrimp flavor. I think it looks like a shrimp and has a lot of tail action with the ribbed body.
Great report and enjoyed your video-looks like a fun day with friends.

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi