Summer time Redfishing

I have been finding a consistent bite in the shallows lately. My catches have primarily been on artificial shrimp lures and Buggs Fishing Jigs which are primarily a crab imitation. I have found them crawling the flats, and even saw my first school throwing shrimp out of the water with birds flying over them eating the shrimp. First time I have seen that since moving here last summer and I am still in love with the fishery that we have here!!

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Thanks for the great video

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Brackish thanks you, real good stuff! When you put in the work, you reap the rewards💪

… also, Kerry, if you’re reading, come on back and share a trip with us, I know youre still out there👍


that looks so much fun


It is a great video. And thank you for not being obnoxious in the video and begging for us to like and subscribe like the rest of the yahoos. Very refreshing when you can tell you’re just making the video for the love of sport fishing.

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Thanks for the kind words!

That is all I am here for. Really just love filming and fishing, being able to share the footage and sight fishing, just being authentic to me is all I can do. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Can I buy this quote from you?

Wasn’t it in a song by Carly Simon?

LOL!!.. :laughing: