Summerville Saltwater Anglers

If you are looking for a great fishing club come and check out the Summerville Saltwater Anglers Club. The club is a true family club and a learning club. There are all levels of angler from beginner to tournament anglers and everything in between. The club meets at Miler Country Club and dinner is provided at each meeting. The dues are $25 for a single membership and $50 for a family membership. You will get this money back in meals alone. The first meeting of the year will be Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30pm. We are an open club and welcome new members. I have personally been a member since the club was founded in 2011. Find out more at

First meeting of the year tonight at 6:30 come on out if you can.

excellent group of people, can’t say enough about the progressive approach to conservation of fishing resources down through the generations… now that i know a couple members, i can say they catch the fool out of some fish too!